Jack Davenport cast to play lead

Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean, Coupling, This Life) attached to play the lead role of Andy.

Philip Jackson (My Week with Marilyn, Peterloo) attached to play Daniel Senior.

Don Warrington (Death In Paradise, King Lear) attached to play the Archdeacon.

Sandi Toksvig (QI, Call the Midwife, Great British Bake-Off) attached to play Muriel in O Little Town.

Amy Jackson Casting appointed to cast O Little Town

Amy Jackson (The Outlaws, The Real Charlie Chaplin) is searching for the cast for O Little Town.

Jason Wingard attached as director for O Little Town

Jason Wingard (Eaten by Lions, Coronation Street) has been attached to direct O Little Town.  Jason has been in discussions with Ivy Gate Films since his interest in the screenplay since its initial readthrough.

Andrea Mann to write O Little Town

Andrea Mann has written the final draft for O Little Town.

Marooned Awakening on general release

Following a number of awards the film is in theatres in the United Kingdom and  to stream and available to stream in the United States of America and Canada.  It is also screening in Guernsey at the Mallard.

The Cubicle

Ivy Gate Films has assisted in the financing and production of The Cubicle written and designed by Lily Harris.

Marooned Awakening well received at its premiere in Guernsey

Trophy donated

Ivy Gate Films has donated a trophy to the Ladies' College in Guernsey to be awarded each year to one of their students in film studies.

Marooned Awakening trailer is released

Marooned Awakening premiere tickets are about to go on sale

The premiere will be in September in Guernsey where the film was shot.  The Guernsey Press has a report.

Marooned Awakening is in the news

A number of news sites are reporting Marooned Awakening's progress such as CinemaGo.

Tim McInnerny joins Marooned Awakening cast

Tim McInnerny is the final casting for Marooned Awakening.  He will be playing Karl.

Wrap and into post

Filming is complete and Marooned Awakening is beginning post production.

Final filming on the West coast

Tilly Keeper and the crew have finished their scenes for the evening as the sun sets over the West coast.

Night shoot at sea

Murray McArthur and the crew are heading out to sea to film scenes at night.

Principal photography begins

Murray McArthur has arrived in Guernsey and the cameras have started filming.

Principal photography begins in September

With Murray McArthur, Tilly Keeper and Cameron Ashplant arriving in Guernsey, Marooned Awakening will begin principal photography in mid-September.

Tilly Keeper to play Emily in Marooned Awakening

Tilly Keeper (Eastenders) will be starring  Marooned Awakening as Emily.

Murray McArthur to play Dad in Marooned Awakening

Murray McArthur (Game of Thrones, The Northman) will be starring in Marooned Awakening as Dad.

New production: Marooned Awakening

We are in discussions with the production team of Marooned Awakening.

Say Your Prayers released in the US

"a complex mixture of comic irreverence" (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Roger Allam, Derek Jacobi, Anna Maxwell Martin, Harry Melling, Tom Brooke, Vinette Robinson, Flora Spencer-Longhurst and Matthew Steer.

Ivy Gate Films sponsor Watersprite

We are delighted to be a sponsor of Watersprite  2021.

Say Your prayers online

Say Your Prayers released in the UK

Say Your Prayers has been released in the UK and is available on iTunes, Google Play, Virgin Media, Sky Store and Rakuten.

Say Your Prayers trailer released

Watch the trailer here.

Debbie Isitt to write Project Pink

BAFTA award winner Debbie Isitt, writer and director,  has been signed. Debbie is well known for her success with  Confetti, Love and Marriage and Nativity! and sequels.

O Little Town screenplay arrives

Following a number of sessions for the entire team, the third draft screenplay is finished in good time and there is quick progress for a readthrough.  The creative team entertained all the actors in a London City pub after the first readthrough.

Say Your Prayers reviewed in the UK

"the superb acting and lively plot makes it worth a watch"

"a solid evening’s entertainment, assembled with an assurance rare at this budgetary level" (Guardian)

With Roger Allam, Derek Jacobi, Anna Maxwell Martin, Harry Melling, Tom Brooke, Vinette Robinson, Flora Spencer-Longhurst and Matthew Steer.

Danny Morgan signed to write O Little Town

The screenplay is on its way after award-winning writer Danny Morgan signs up to write the first screenplay following the development of the film.

Cannes showing of Say Your Prayers

There is great interest in Say Your Prayers (Ilkley)  following its appearance in Great 8 at Cannes supported by the British Council, BFI, BBC and FilmFour.

Swan reviewed in the UK

"highlights include Siân Docksey and Sophie King’s ‘Swan’, a funny slice of satire" (Time Out)

"a smartly comedic political allegory with a killer punchline" (Vulturehound)

The Uncertain Kingdom is released

Time Out


The Times


The Guardian


The Evening Standard


Swan online

Mark Addy interview

Mark Addy talks to the Metro about being a swan.

Sophie King interview

Sophie King, the director of Swan, talks about the production. 

Mark Addy to star in Swan

Mark Addy (Game of Thrones, A Knight's Tale, The Full Monty) is starring as Ian. 

Sally Bretton to star in Swan

Sally Bretton (Not Going Out, Outlaw, Death in Paradise) is starring as Donna.

Stars announced for Swan

Kirsty Bushell (Casualty, Motherland) is playing Gwen and Mark O'Sullivan (Lee and Dean) is playing Ted.

Swan production team announced

The Swan writers, director and producers for Swan: Sophie King, Helen Simmons, Sîan Docksey and Stephanie Aspin.


Screendaily announces further details of the  shorts which have been unveiled making up the Uncertain Kingdom.

Swan film details

Details have been announced for the Uncertain Kingdom which includes Swan.

Lock for Swan

The final edit of Swan is now complete and on time and is now with the Uncertain Kingdom to complete the project.

Filming Starts for Swan

Filming has been taking place in several locations in London during for Swan.

The Uncertain Kingdom

Screen International announces the teams behind the Uncertain Kingdom including Swan.

Say Your Prayers final cut

Orphaned brothers and Christian radicals, Tim and Vic, arrive in Ilkley with the relatively straightforward task of assassinating infamous secularist Professor John Huxley.  However, after a classic case of mistaken identity they find themselves having murdered the wrong man.  Now stuck in the town during Ilkley's busiest weekend, they wait for the arrival of a foreboding mentor to give them instruction.  The mission must still be completed - that's providing Vic's rage, Tim's doubts or the efforts of foul-mouthed Detective Inspector Brough don't get in the way first.

Say Your Prayers in post production

Say Your Prayers is now in post production and more details are available from Independent | Films.  Writers Harry Michell and Jamie Fraser, Director Harry Michell and Producer Helen Simmons.

Filming begins for Say Your Prayers

Filming has begun and the  Yorkshire Post has a report.

Filming sees snow for Say Your Prayers

The production team have made it through the snowy weather in Yorkshire without losing a day's filming.

Cast finalised for Say Your Prayers

Matthew Steer (Silent Witness, The Crown) will play Martin Silver in Say Your Prayers.

More stars for Say Your Prayers

Screen International announces Anna Maxwell Martin (Motherland, Line of Duty) and Harry Melling (Harry Potter films, The Queen's Gambit) have also joined the cast.

Say Your Prayers casting continues

Tom Brooke (The Crown, Sherlock, The Boat That Rocked), Vinette Robinson (Doctor Who, Sherlock) and Flora Spencer-Longhurst (Midsomer Murders, Wallander) join the cast to star in Say Your Prayers.

Andrea Gibb is signed to Project Pink

Andrea Gibb is writing the first screenplay having just finished Swallows and Amazons and following on from her success with Dear Frankie.  Andrea is also a BAFTA Award nominee for Elizabeth is Missing.

Roger Allam and Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi and Roger Allam will be starring in Say Your Prayers and an article in Screen International has more details.

New Production

Following their success with Chubby Funny, the producers of Say Your Prayers are discussing collaboration and finance with us on their next exciting project.

Project Pink

Following months assisting in development, Endor Productions has entered into a formal agreement to develop and produce.